Wingfield Remediation Project


Knowles Property Group

  • Project Spec

  • Project : Wingfield 90,000sqm Site Remediation
    Location: Wingfield, South Australia

  • Type of work:
    • Demolition
    • Excavation
    • Waste Removal
    • Concrete Crushing
    • Screening and Sorting
    • Site Preparation
    • Ground Compression

  • Project Description

  • The 90,000sqm site was previously used as a dump for scrap metal and demolition debris. The Knowles group purchased the land with plans of utilising the land for industrial warehouses.

  • Haros and Sons Earthmovers were contracted to formulate a plan on how to remediate the land, dispose of the waste material and prepare the land for development.

  • Over a 2 year period Haros and Sons Earthmovers have excavated the land, screened and disposed of the debris material and utilised the remaining as clean fill. Haros and Sons compacted the land to ensure it is prepared for development. The 2 year project on the 90,000sqm land has been carefully done in stages allowing development to occur coincidently.


  • Wingfield Remediation Project

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